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Berlitz Stiftung

Berlitz Foundation

The Educational Foundation for Children.

Schools, education, and a high quality of teaching are not a matter of course in every part of the world. On the contrary: many places lack school facilities, teaching materials, and teachers in general. We want to help the children in these places through the Berlitz Educational Foundation for Children:

The Berlitz Educational Foundation for Children

The Berlitz Educational Foundation for Children, in collaboration with Plan International, has been supporting a wide range of projects focusing on improving education for children in conflict areas since October 2006. Our former as well as our current foundation activities can be viewed on our project page.

Collaboration with Plan International

Having a strong partner by your side is a good feeling. Plan International supports us with all questions regarding foundation activities. Since the importance of a good education for children cannot be understated, our main focus lies on improving the educational opportunities for girls and boys in our project areas.

The Berlitz Team collects donations

The Berlitz Educational Foundation was founded over 10 years ago. Helping children in need is our main goal. We know that even small contributions can have a big impact, which is why we are always looking for new activities in order to collect donations. We therefore wish to thank our employees who are always happy to support our foundation. Some of the previous donation- collecting activities include raffles, office pools during the European Championships, Christmas market sales, and assembling donation boxes in our Berlitz Centers.

How you can help

You want to support our projects? A donation can be easily made via bank transfer. Of course we are happy to provide you with a donation receipt. The tax office accepts a simple payment document for donations less than 200€. We thank you very much for your support!

The Berlitz Foundation is our small contribution in providing children with a better education and therefore helping them to a brighter future.

Help us to help others!

Berlitz Educational Foundation for Children
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