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Preschools in Kisumu County, Kenya

The population of Kisumu County, located at Lake Victoria, is facing big challenges. More than half of the people live from less than 1 Euro a day. Women and girls are notoriously disadvantaged. Children suffer from malnutrition and dirty drinking water. Many also suffer from diseases like malaria, measles, acute respiratory diseases, diarrhea, and HIV/Aids.

In countries such as Kenya, attending school is a privilege for children and many are deprived of this possibility. Until now, only 11% have been able to go to preschools. Those without an education are destined to live a life of poverty. Therefore, the Berlitz Educational Foundation for Children built three new preschools in the villages of Diemo, Simba Gero, and Anwanya in the Kenyan district of Kisumu. Besides constructing water tanks and washrooms, the preschools were equipped with furniture, learning materials, and toys. Furthermore, educators and teachers received pedagogical training and management employees were further educated to ensure a more efficient administration. There is no doubt that the earlier children receive assistance, the greater the chances are of positive development and a promising future.

In spite of the riots in Kenya, construction of the classrooms started without any delays. The community was heavily invested in the process. The completion of sanitary facilities are preventing the spread of diseases and securing the private spaces of boys and girls alike. Last but not least, the implementation of a 2 year further education program for the preschool teachers will ensure the right supervision and support for the children. 77 girls and 91 boys, who could be enrolled in the three new preschools, will benefit directly from the project. An estimated 680 children will be able to profit from the improved learning environment within the next 10 years.

The foundation's funds were used for:

  • Building three new preschools for children aged 3 to 6
  • Fitting the preschools with water tanks
  • Setting up toilets and washrooms
  • Equipping the schools with furniture, learning materials and toys
  • Training educators and teachers

We hope to help increase the rate of enrollment in schools through these measures.

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