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Supporting young girls in Malawi

Malawi is a landlocked country in Southeast Africa. Even though school attendance is compulsory, only half of the children attend school lessons. The ways to school are often long and pose a danger, especially for girls. Furthermore, girls have to take care of the domestic chores and raise younger siblings. Early pregnancies and young marriages are very common in Malawi. This is why our project "Malawi: Education instead of early marriage" came to life.

Our project activities include:

  • Scholarships for 54 girls to provide them with primary school attendance and a successful graduation
  • Founding of girls clubs: Female students should have access to a safe room where they can exchange personal concerns about school, their family, or their home
  • Further training teachers in order to improve the education, especially of girls. This included education about topics such as child protection and teaching children about sexual health
  • Further education of the school committee, consisting of parents, teachers, girls and boys, who campaign for girls' rights. The committee receives professional training on how to sensitize their community on the topic of female rights

Berlitz wants to contribute by financially supporting this Plan International project to ensure that young Malawian girls have a future and are protected from marrying too young.

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