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A Children's Village in Romania

There is an endless number of regions in Romania where street children and orphans are fighting for survival day after day. They have never had the chance to go to school. For a long time, attempts were made to keep the fate of these children secret. However, after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the opening of the border in 1989/1990, the suffering of the many orphans came to light: shunned, alone and abandoned in state-run homes in Romania.

The Berlitz Educational Foundation for Children wants to enable children and young people in Romania to lead a better life. We are therefore supporting:

  • The construction of a Children's Village for street children and orphans
  • The building of a new school
  • The creation of vocational training opportunities in technical professions

The aim is to enable the children in the Children's Village to attend nursery and school, free of charge. With this support, the children receive an education and therefore the opportunity to lead a humane life in their home country.

Thanks to the donations, a new school building, including a big kitchen and a dining room, with enough space for 250 children could be inaugurated in August 2008.

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