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Advancing reading and writing skills in the Kamuli District, Uganda

Even though around 96% of the girls and boys in Uganda are enrolled in school, many are unable to fully realize their right to education. Moreover, the level of education is suffering due to poor educational quality and insufficient school facilities. Teaching methods are often not suitable for children and books are usually not available at all. This is where the project "Reading as a key qualification" comes into play.

"As education service providers, this project is especially important to us. We hope that many students can benefit from an improved level of education, can further their reading and writing skills and are therefore given the chance of leading a self-determined and happy life", says Mattias Schwarz, director of Berlitz Germany.

The foundation's funds were used for:

  • Training teachers
  • Improving the learning environment
  • Supplying storybooks and daily newspapers
  • Forming reading and writing clubs in order to boost the students' motivation

Our goal is to improve the reading and writing skills of 12.000 girls and boys in 10 preschools in the Kamuli District. We hope to support the children in Uganda and to improve the quality of their education through this project as well as the support of other foundations.

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