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Supporting the Zvibomvu-School in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe's difficult economical situation has impacted many areas of life, including the educational system. In spite of compulsory school attendance, the school system is in desolate shape. Especially secondary schools suffered from massive financial cutbacks and are therefore severely lacking. The project "Supporting the Zvibomvu-School in the Kwekwe district" targeted this exact problem and strived to enable more children aged 13 to 18 to attend the secondary Zvibomvu-school in the Kweke region.

Our project activities included among others:

  • Extending the classrooms: Creating six new classrooms including supplies and facilities
  • Creating accommodations for the teachers close to the school
  • Further educating the school committee on school management and administration

Last but not least, the Berlitz foundation also aided in the acquisition of necessary materials. These were obtained in order to construct an additional building which houses two new classrooms.

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