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How To Apply

Our philosophy

We respect the time and effort you invest in your application. So we also treat your application with the utmost diligence and, despite the time this takes, still promise to respond quickly. One of our key priorities is to ensure that the position you interview for is the right one for you, and that we can be sure that you’ll feel at home in the Berlitz team.

Outside of your job-specific qualifications, we expect you to feel enthusiastic about our services, and to bring on board commitment, energy, professionalism, team spirit and a positive attitude toward your work that reflects the notion of “identifying opportunities in challenges.”

Your job application process will depend on the specific position you are interested in.


Recruitment of instructors takes place directly at our Berlitz centers. Look for a complete overview of the job openings for instructors at our various center locations. You can then apply directly through the individual e-mail. The pedagogical supervisor will get in touch with you.

Further Positions

If you are interested in the positions of Center Director, Corporate Consultant, Sales Trainee, Sales Intern, or if you are interested in joining us at our headquarters in Frankfurt, please apply to our HR department in Frankfurt.

The application process

1. Screening of incoming applications

Once you have applied to one of the positions listed on our job portal or we have received your speculative application at jobs@berlitz.de, we will contact you to confirm we have received your application. Our HR team will then carefully review your documents. These should include a cover letter and a complete resume. It is important for us to see why you are interested in Berlitz, what qualifies you for the position in question and what you might expect of us as an employer.

2. Telephone interview

If we think you are a suitable match for our position, you will be invited to a telephone interview. This initial conversation offers both parties the opportunity to get to know one another better. You can use the opportunity to explain what motivated you to apply at Berlitz, why you look forward to a new professional challenge, what you see as your core strengths and what you might expect from us. This is also perhaps a good time to address things such as your starting date, salary expectations and any other questions you may have about the position.

3. First face-to-face meeting

So you liked what you heard during the telephone interview and so did we? Then we look forward to meeting you in person at Berlitz. The interview will be held at the center for which the opening was advertised. Naturally, this means you will have a chance to meet your potential new boss. The aim of this meeting is for both parties to get a personal impression of one another and to ensure that both parties have realistic expectations of each other.

4. Second face-to-face interview

If everything has gone well until this point, a second meeting will be set up. Regardless of the actual job location, this meeting will take place at Berlitz headquarters in Frankfurt. It is important that our HR managers and managing directors also have an opportunity to meet new colleagues. This interview will center around you – your personality and skills set – and is a good opportunity to address any other important organizational aspects. At this stage, we welcome you to ask any further questions you may have. After this final meeting, it’s decision time – for us and you!

5. Sending of contract

If we decide to offer you the position, we will make you an offer and will be glad to answer any questions you have regarding the contract. Once we have received your signed contract, we will start to prepare you for your new position with Berlitz.

6. Welcome on board!

We plan every aspect of getting you started with the utmost care – from sending you our welcome package to informing your colleagues and preparing your place of work. You can rest assured that we are pleased to welcome you on board and look forward to working with you. Your colleagues will then take you through our processes step by step, giving you all the information you need to quickly start in your new role. Your induction program is underpinned by on-the-job training, which is usually spearheaded by your boss, an experienced co-worker or both. Depending on your position, you may receive additional training (e.g., product training, sales training, personal training).

Should you have any questions regarding our application processes or any advertised job openings, please contact Carolin Teuber, Recruitment:

E-Mail: carolin.teuber@berlitz.de
Tel: +49 69 666 089 0

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