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FAQ for Applications from Abroad

1) What is the recruiting process?

  • On sending your application to the centre, you will receive an email confirming that your application has been received.
  • The centre will then contact you within two weeks confirming the next steps.
  • Should you be invited to an interview, generally the first interview will be conducted by the Pedagogical Supervisor.
  • After successfully completing the first interview, you will be invited to a second interview which is generally conducted by the director of the centre.
  • If the outcome of the interviews are successful for both parties and you have the required documentation to live and work in Germany, you will be invited to the Berlitz Initial Training.
  • You will be given a freelance contract on successful completion of the Berlitz Initial Training.

2) If I am applying from abroad, is it possible to arrange telephone interviews?

As a result of the length of the visa process, it is preferred that the candidate is already in the country. However, under special circumstances, it is possible to organize an initial telephone or video interview. This can be arranged directly with the centre. To continue with the recruitment process, you will need to meet personally with the Pedagogical Supervisor or the Director.

3) Do I receive help from Berlitz when applying for a visa?

Berlitz will provide you with a reference letter stating that you have been offered a freelance position at the company. Be aware, the visa application process can take up to 3 months and there is no guarantee that it will be successful.

4) Do I have to have an external teaching certificate to work for Berlitz?

Having an external teaching certificate will qualify you to teach some classes that you would not be qualified to teach otherwise, however, having one is not obligatory. For English, we will assist you in receiving third party certification and you will be allowed to work while the process is being completed.

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