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Frankfurt, February 25 2008 - Everything taken care of

Berlitz offers language courses with added value

UNESCO heralded the "International Year of Languages" with the striking and fitting motto "Languages matter". The whole year will thus be devoted to the topic of languages. This clearly shows how important languages, particularly foreign languages, are today. "Languages are not only of interest as a research area for academics and specialists; they are also at the heart of all social, economic and cultural life," explains Koïchiro Matsuura, Director General of UNESCO.

Maximilian D. Berlitz already had this theory when he developed the Berlitz Method 130 years ago. "With us there is no learning of vocabulary and grammar rules by rote. Language comes from speaking and this should also be how we learn a foreign language," says Annette Fuchs, Managing Director of Berlitz Deutschland GmbH. For this reason, students at Berlitz are taught exclusively by language instructors working in their native language. They therefore not only learn to speak the language as it is spoken in the relevant country but also learn a lot about the people and culture. English language courses continue to be in strong demand. Not surprising when you consider that 510 million people speak English as their mother tongue or second language. You can make yourself understood in professional or personal situations almost anywhere in the world using English.

However, the German courses are also very popular. Berlitz thus contributes to the integration process in Germany because, in addition to learning the language, the students are also given lots of useful advice on how to stand on their own two feet in Germany - both in their professional and private lives.

Alongside the language course, the expanding range of specialist seminars is an important second pillar of the company. Founded in 2006, the Berlitz BusinessSeminars business segment now offers 657 seminars. Customers can choose from 59 different subject areas: from business etiquette to project management, law, finance and coaching. The intercultural training sessions in particular are being booked by many international companies for their employees. "We quickly realized that a move into a job abroad is significantly more successful for all those involved, the better and more intensively the employee is prepared for their life and activities abroad - linguistically, culturally and in all practical, everyday matters," says Fuchs.

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