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Berlitz Method®

Everything You Need to Know about the Berlitz Method®, the Trainers, and the Course

Language students around the world are delighted with the Berlitz Method®, which has been continuously developed and perfected over the past 140 years based on cutting-edge language research. But what exactly is the Berlitz Method® all about? How is the language course structured? What can you expect from the trainers and what sort of role do printed materials and translations play? What are the benefits of Berlitz? You can find all the answers in our FAQ!

A Closer Look at the Berlitz Method®

In a nutshell: What exactly is the Berlitz Method®?

The Berlitz Method® takes a natural approach to teaching you a new language. In short, you only speak and hear the foreign language in your Berlitz course – and thus learn as if you were abroad. This immersion allows you to overcome your language inhibitions and apply the newly acquired skills directly in everyday life.

How is the Berlitz Method® different from other learning methods?

The Berlitz Method® offers a systematic approach based on achieving goals as well as the latest findings and innovations in language research. Our trainers also undergo intensive training: in addition to special learning techniques, they use methods designed to boost your confidence, promote your motivation for learning languages and speaking, and focus on your personal goals.

How do I learn grammar at Berlitz?

Grammar is always learned in a linguistic and thematic context and internalized through structured application. Our trainers ensure a balance between fluent speaking and precision.

Why Berlitz?

What can I learn at Berlitz?

In addition to language courses, you can also attend business and management seminars as well as intercultural training courses. You also have the option to simply bundle these areas, of course: if you need a Japanese language course and intercultural skills for your stay abroad, then we’re the right choice for you!
Our language courses teach so much more than just new vocabulary, as we set great store by a comprehensive approach. In other words, we cover cultural aspects and take psychological insights into account when teaching a language. As a result, you feel at home in both the language and the new culture and always have access to the best learning strategies.

What other benefits does Berlitz offer?

Berlitz boasts a global network of around 500 language schools in more than 70 countries, and you can enjoy consistently high standards at each and every location. Whether you want to begin your language course in Munich and continue in Paris or whether you as a CEO want to train your employees in New York and your colleagues in Japan, the global network can ensure that exactly the same language training is offered everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you want to learn at the school or entirely or partly online, Berlitz provides you with a whole host of in-school, online, and blended learning solutions and thus promotes the best learning success.

Berlitz Trainers

Are all the trainers really native speakers?

Yes! To best prepare you for real and authentic situations, Berlitz trainers teach in their own native language.

What qualifications do the trainers have?

All Berlitz trainers undergo an intensive training process that’s certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard. Our teachers also have experience in many different careers, allowing them to teach highly practical and useful language skills that meet your individual requirements.

Course Structure

How is the content of my training course selected?

We work with you to create your individual training program based on personal requirements analysis and language level. Taking into account your existing knowledge and your language goals, together we develop a course plan, prepare content that meets your needs, and define course goals based on your specific career or personal requirements and desires. Your learning success is continuously assessed throughout your training course.

How is the course structured interactively?

Berlitz trainers have comprehensive didactic skills that allow you to actively use the language in authentic everyday situations and simulations with confidence and enjoyment. You’re continuously included during class and encouraged to speak independently and ask questions. At the same time, you won’t feel overwhelmed or insufficiently challenged. In other words, you’re always included in accordance with your level of knowledge.

Why does Berlitz teach this way?

It’s well known that speaking with confidence is the hardest part about learning a new language. We ensure that you’re able to both understand and actively communicate in your desired language.

What happens if I don’t feel confident enough yet to speak in the foreign language?

There’s no need to worry. Our entire learning strategy focuses on allowing you to speak the foreign language with confidence and enjoyment. Our trainers promote a safe and relaxing learning atmosphere, as “no one is born a master.” Regardless of your level of knowledge, we also provide plenty of encouragement and positive feedback to ensure that you develop confidence in your language skills in no time.

Am I allowed to continue learning outside of class?

The language course focuses on providing you with the opportunity to very actively practice your desired language with a native speaker, your trainer. Before you know it, you’ll be able to enjoy the experience of researching the new foreign language on your own outside of class – regardless of the method. This includes podcasts, conversations with colleagues who are native speakers, following the news, watching TV, and listening to radio programs – all in the foreign language, of course.

Translations and Printed Materials

How can I as a beginner follow the course if no translations are used?

Our trainers are well trained to teach you the new language step by step in a highly demonstrative way. At the beginning, clear, simple body language and easy-to-understand visual aids are used so that you can delve into your desired language from the first moment. You’re therefore sure to find that speaking yourself is a piece of cake the moment you begin. This process will boost your confidence to communicate in the foreign language from the very start.

Will I also practice reading and writing in the foreign language during class?

Yes, short reading and writing exercises based on your individual learning goals are used to complement the course. These tasks are usually then followed again by oral exercises to further train your interactive language skills.

What happens if I as a visual learner require printed materials? Does Berlitz take different learning types into account?

Of course! We always take your individual learning style into account. While the lack of printed materials promotes natural development in oral communication, the training also includes visual forms of support as well as writing in the foreign language. Following class with your trainer, the Berlitz materials will provide you with the content in written form, including lots of exercises, so that you can work through what you’ve learned again and internalize it.


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