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Just because we are delighted to receive them.

Vera Fischer, Organization & Service, LB Immo Invest GmbH

We have been working with Berlitz since 2005. We have currently booked three parallel language courses at Berlitz and our employees enjoy taking them. A crucial advantage for us is that Berlitz is locally based and that the trainers come to the company to give the lessons. We greatly value the high level of flexibility. 
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Ulrike Weber, Head of Talent Management PB International, Pitney Bowes

Berlitz is a global provider with uniform standards. We want all our employees to speak the same language - Berlitz makes this happen.  
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Susanne Uhrbrock, Human Resources Development, Hauni Maschinenbau AG

Working with Berlitz provides various advantages for us. Next to the excellent service and good personal contacts Berlitz offers, we appreciate the precise running of the organisation, the extended flexibility and the large variety of different languages and intercultural trainings.  
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Philipp Schulz, Specialist Talent Management, McDonald's Deutschland Inc.

We are very happy with the conditions at Berlitz. The documents are produced professionally, are varied and comprehensive and the quality of the content as well as the support provided is just right; moreover, Berlitz does not only have one site in Germany, but is present in many different locations, including outside Germany. 
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Natascha Grosse, Assistant to the Managing Director, NSC Schifffahrtsgesellschaft mbH & Cie. KG

Language courses are very important to us because English is the main language, particularly in the shipping industry. It is a key criterion for employment in many areas within our company. Overall, we like the excellent, individual support that we receive from Berlitz through and the simple processes involved.  
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Leif Bachorz, Head of Customer Care Business Division, HanseNet Telekommunikation GmbH

I completed part of of my language course on Malta; now I can continue it seamlessly in Hamburg. That is one of the big advantages of Berlitz. Another factor in favor of Berlitz is that different needs and requirements can be accommodated.  
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Jürgen Becker, Head of Business, Center Billing Services, Member of the Board, Customer Service-Unit 2, T-Systems

As language is the platform for successful business and a building block in our strategy to create an international direction, all employees have been offered the chance to attend an English language training course at the Göppingen site and external sites in Bonn and Darmstadt since the middle of last year.  
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Frederick McIntyre, Further Training Specialist for Language and Communication Training, Merck KGaA

Berlitz trainers are very flexible, straightforward and completely customer-oriented. The language courses fit in with our overall employee development concept. We have defined values and skills that we work to.  
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Elif Cetrez, Training & Development Assistant, Bridgestone Deutschland GmbH

Berlitz offers us several types of training: for some employees, it was more appropriate to arrange for individual tuition. Others needed English specifically for presentations or telephone conversations, and were able to acquire these skills in intensive groups with other colleagues.  
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Claudia Then, Head of Human Resources and Social Affairs, Lübbe Publishing Group

Our employees are delighted with the flexibility: they can choose the times themselves, for example, and there are different trainers - because this challenges them, and so they do not get used to just one person - and they also appreciate the trainers' high level of expertise.  
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Bernhard Rettler, Manager HR Rostock, Nordex Aktiengesellschaft

We primarily use the language courses abroad, including Scotland, the UK and Ireland. Thanks to Berlitz, there is an excellent choice of host families, as well as professional advice and support; the training material is good and there is also a very high level of flexibility.  
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Annett Herfort, Legal Affairs & Human Resources, Coreal Credit Bank AG

Our employees value the fact that the Berlitz language courses take place on a regular basis, that they are up-to-date and that they cater for the needs of individual departments. 
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