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Helmut Buortmes, Head of Billing, T-Systems Enterprise Services GmbH

We started with a few groups but gradually increased this number due to the excellent support for corporate customers. The professionalism, the wide distribution of the locations and the flexibility with which our requirements are met set a real example of customer friendliness. I have never heard the phrase "that is not possible" - there is always a solution. English is now compulsory and no longer optional. In addition to IT development, English skills are crucial, particularly in light of globalization. You can see that the language courses achieve results through the increasing confidence among our employees. And by the fact that they are happier because they feel that they are better qualified. After all, it is unsettling when you make mistakes. The language courses have a very positive impact in this area. I feel that I receive optimal support from the two corporate customer advisors. I think that the training is excellent - I take part in it myself - and I can see that it achieves success.

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