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Intensive Group Instruction

Gruppe (G1, Maxi, BVC Gruppe): Meetings | CEF B1-B2 | Berlitz Sprachlevel 5-8

Small group - huge success

Benefit from the special motivation of a group lesson. The Berlitz intensive group offers regular language lessons with continuous learning progress.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Regular lesson at fixed times
  • Language course in small groups with a maximum of 6 participants
  • Qualified native-speakers instructors
  • Motivating group dynamics

Course Content

Business Module: Meetings

This course will help you prepare more successful meetings, make positive contributions to discussions, and significantly improve your overall English skills.

Content and objectives:

  • Plan and prepare successful meetings
  • Develop an agenda
  • Introduce yourself and others at meetings and create a friendly conversational atmosphere; communicate the structure and planned running order for the meeting
  • Introduce the main topic, present precise information, emphasize key messages
  • Tips and tricks for holding structured, constructive meetings
  • Practice active listening
  • Retain participants' attention through active involvement
  • Masterfully deal with difficult situations
  • Handle conflict with skillful language
  • State objective opinions with confidence
  • Adjust to a variety of conversation partners
  • Find just the right words at just the right moment and react with professionalism in a variety of conversations
  • Actively engage in meetings yourself
  • Get to know different kinds of meeting formats (e.g., meetings for decision-making, teleconferencing, or online meetings)

What to expect from this course:

  • Speak with confidence and find a better way of expressing yourself in various types of conversations
  • Learn important tips for conversations and idioms and common colloquial expressions for everyday use
  • Checklists and other tools that can be used on the job for day-to-day tasks
  • Contribute your own experiences to the classroom instruction

Course materials

  • Course book (print and digital)
  • 2 audio CDs plus MP3 versions

Additional information


Tuesday18:30 - 20:00
Thursday18:30 - 20:00


Berlitz Level 4 | CEF Level A 2.3 

You understand information on familiar subjects and can hold a lengthy conversation on a range of general topics.

Additional information: Berlitz Level/CEF Level

Language Goal

Berlitz Level 5 | CEF Level B 1.1 

You can hold conversations and are capable of a few complicated sentence structures.

Additional information: Berlitz Level/CEF Level