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Intensive Group Instruction

Business language course | CEF B1.3 | Berlitz level 7

Small group - huge success

Benefit from the special motivation of a group lesson. The Berlitz intensive group offers regular language lessons with continuous learning progress.

Your benefits at a glance 

  • Regular lesson at fixed times
  • Language course in small groups with a maximum of 6 participants
  • Qualified native-speakers instructors
  • Motivating group dynamics

Course Content

General Business English - Level 7

Do you have excellent English skills? Do you find it easy to follow complex discussions? Do you feel comfortable and quick-witted in dealing with objections, influencing people, and explaining how things fit together? Then this is just the right course for you. Our native speaker trainers will motivate you to polish your existing vocabulary, e.g., for presentations and complex business situations.

Content and objectives:

  • Discuss, debate, and negotiate business and financial plans tactfully
  • Creatively and effectively outline topics related to brand management
  • Learn how to implement sales strategies, cope with objections and interjections, use tact in dealing with agreement or rejection, recognize misunderstandings and defuse these diplomatically
  • Tactically deal with emotions and feelings in change management, state and defend viewpoints, confidently make proposals, discuss challenges with a focus on finding solutions
  • Diplomacy in difficult situations
  • Discuss sensitive issues in the HR department with tact and discretion, make objective assessments
  • Outline, explain, identify, describe, and discuss risk
  • Skillfully cope with and structure presentations
  • Master business etiquette in intercultural communication
  • Find the right tone of voice for emails and develop a polished writing style

What to expect from this course:

  • Fine-tune language and grammatical nuances
  • Develop awareness of cultural idiosyncrasies and how to deal with them
  • Deliver presentations with confidence, actively and confidently engage in discussions and debates
  • Find a more precise way of expressing yourself in a wide variety of business situations
  • Solve problems and conflicts diplomatically
  • Practice specific use of idioms and common colloquial expressions
  • Develop your vocabulary at a more advanced level

Course materials

  • Course book (print and digital)
  • 2 audio CDs and MP3 versions

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Wednesday18:30 - 20:45


Berlitz Level 6 | CEF Level B 1.2 

You can communicate competently and effortlessly in many professional and private situations.

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Language Goal

Berlitz Level 7 | CEF Level B 1.3

You can cope with demanding professional situations and can also use language as a means of further learning.

Additional information: Berlitz Level/CEF Level