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Course configuration

Virtual Intensive Group

Refresher language course | CEF A2.1 | Berlitz level 2

Group lesson via the Internet - live from anywhere

Benefit from the special motivation of a group lesson over the Internet. The Berlitz Virtual Classroom in a group format offers regular language lessons with continuous learning progress.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Participation in a live lesson possible from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Regular lesson at fixed times
  • Small groups with 3 to 5 participants
  • Qualified native-speakers instructors
  • Motivating group dynamics

Course Content

Developing basic skills

If you already possess good skills, e.g. several years of school lessons in the desired language, then this course will reactivate and expand your basic vocabulary and practice grammatical structures.

Using typical situations from everyday life, working life or travel, our native-speaker instructors will motivate you to speak as much as possible, with the aim of holding simple conversations independently, requesting information and gaining renewed confidence in communicating.

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Thursday18:45 - 21:00


Berlitz Level 1 | CEF Level A 1 

You can make yourself understood in simple everyday situations.

Additional information: Berlitz Level/CEF Level

Language Goal

Berlitz Level 2 | CEF Level A 2.1

You are able to hold simple conversations in at least one of the present, past, or future tenses.

Additional information: Berlitz Level/CEF Level