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Business English Workshop

Business Brush Up | CEF B1.1 | Berlitz Level 5

The goal-oriented compact training

Choose from the comprehensive range of Berlitz workshops: effective language training for all employees who want to master work-related content in English in the shortest possible time.


  • Compact, goal-oriented training
  • Training and practice using realistic, interactive case studies
  • Reduction of inhibition to speak
  • Group lessons with up to 6 people
  • Price includes learning material

Course Content

General Business English - Level 5

This course is particularly well-suited to people who have already reached BerlitzEnglishTM Level 4 or higher. Are you already familiar with the basics? Do you feel confident communicating in English? This course teaches you to speak boldly and fluently, to understand complicated sentence structures, describe how things fit together, and find the right tone of voice in different situations. Participants get the chance to practice using idioms in both private and professional settings. The topics covered in this course apply to all basic areas of business, for example, customer service, sales and marketing, communicating in social networks, and HR management.

Contents and objectives:

  • Making first impressions - introduce yourself, greet someone, and get to know others
  • Provide a good overview of your company history and describe its organizational processes
  • Masterfully engage in small talk by choosing the right topics
  • Choose the right behavior for international business dealings
  • Helpful hints for invitations to meet with international business partners
  • Clever ways of dealing with complaints
  • Successful questioning techniques when communicating with customers
  • Information about products, target groups, exchanging and discussing marketing concepts
  • Participate in goal-oriented job interviews
  • Effectively address people in social networks
  • Actively engage in project work, skillfully discuss topics, present viewpoints

What to expect from this course:

  • Speak with confidence and fluency, find a more precise way of expressing yourself in a variety of business situations
  • Develop your vocabulary at a more advanced level
  • Communicate using practical language skills that can be put directly into practice
  • Learn important business vocabulary, idioms, and common colloquial expressions
  • Refresh and consolidate important grammar rules
  • Consciously apply grammar principles that are unique to the English language thanks to practical tips

Course materials

  • Course book (print and digital)
  • 2 audio CDs plus MP3 versions

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Thursday08:45 - 17:00
Friday08:45 - 17:00

Eine Pause findet zwischen 12.30 und 13.15 Uhr an beiden Tagen statt.


Berlitz Level 5 | CEF Level B 1.1 

You can hold conversations and are capable of a few complicated sentence structures.

Additional information: Berlitz Level/CEF Level

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