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Course configuration

Intensive Group Instruction

Language training in a small group

Small group - huge success

Benefit from the special motivation of a group lesson. The Berlitz intensive group offers regular language lessons with continuous learning progress.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Regular lesson at fixed times
  • Language course in small groups with a maximum of 6 participants
  • Qualified native-speakers instructors
  • Motivating group dynamics

Course Content

Do you already possess a good knowledge of English which you would now like to build upon? Then the 'English Communication' course is the perfect choice for you. Here, the focus is on independently holding conversations using the subtleties of the language. Thanks to the guaranteed high proportion of speaking time, at the end of the course you will also be able to manage complicated sentence structures.

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Tuesday10:00 - 12:15


Berlitz Level 2 | CEF Level A 2.1 

You are able to hold simple conversations in at least one of the present, past, or future tenses.

Additional information: Berlitz Level/CEF Level

Language Goal

Berlitz Level 3 | CEF Level A 2.2 

You can hold a simple conversation in a social and business context.

Additional information: Berlitz Level/CEF Level