Berlitz Virtual Classroom

Intensive, interactive, one-on-one lessons

Interactive learning with a personal language teacher.

In the Berlitz Virtual Classroom, your employees train with native speaker teachers in live online lessons. Combined with online course elements, the Berlitz Virtual Classroom makes the perfect learning method.


Course Content

The direct route to your language goal

In this course, everything revolves around you: You define the content, learning speed, and course times of this one-to-one course. We do everything to ensure you learn your desired language as fast as possible - whatever your prior knowledge. Our native-speaker instructors structure the course in a varied and effective way - using your favorite topics and/or your professional field. We break down inhibitions and motivate you to speak actively at least 50% of the time. Your success is guaranteed.

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It's possible to join your language course at any Berlitz/CEF level.

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Language Goal

After a personal assessment in your local language center, we will discuss how you would like to use your chosen language. Based on this, we'll define together your personal language goal. Here we'll consider the number of lessons required, and will define the lesson plan together with you.

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Language Center

Berlitz Language Center BVC Location Germany


Business hours

Telephone support Mon – Fri from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Course details

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Number of participants

1 Participant(s)

Course information

Start date: You can define the exact start date during the booking process.
Lessons: 16 Lessons
Course duration: 0

Total cost

Tuition cost 1) € 704.00
Service Charge 2) € 35.00
Material € 60.00
Total cost € 799.00
Payment by installments
(every 4 weeks)
€ 0.00
Initial payment € 0.00
1) The product price includes tax-free services according to § No. 21 a and b UStG (German tax law).
2) The service charge covers consultative and administrative expenses for the program booked.