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Blended Learning | Face-to-Face & Online

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Berlitz Blended Learning in Group Training (4-6 participants)

The combination is the key: Learn English at a time that suits you on our CyberTeachers learning platform and also enjoy the benefits of active group-based instruction. You can enjoy the flexibility of learning the language online combined with the motivation of live instruction in a group of 4-6 participants. Take the fast track to language learning.

Your benefits

  • Intensive and personalized lessons with the CyberTeachers web-based platform for online language training – whenever it suits you
  • Regular live instruction in a small group of 4-6 participants to reinforce the content learned during the online training
  • A number of interactive tools are always there to help, such as online wizards to help you write e-mails, translators, dictionaries and vocabulary and pronunciation aids
  • Easy-to-use CyberTeachers learning platform – no need to download to your PC. Additional exercises are also available on the CyberTeachers app for smartphones and tablets
  • Optimum combination of e-lessons on the CyberTeachers learning platform and live group-based instruction with your language trainer

Course content - Motivating group lessons and flexible online training combined in one language course

Intensive pace for fast results

You enjoy the best of both types of learning: taking part in group training with a language instructor once a week and doing the e-lessons on the CyberTeachers platform whenever it suits you. The course involves three to four e-lessons lasting 45 minutes each week.

Live teaching in a small group of 4-6 participants

The additional group-based language training at your nearest Berlitz language school gives you the opportunity to put into practice what you have learned online. You will benefit from personal interaction with the group and your trainer, reinforcing the advantage of the blended learning approach. Along with our General Terms and Conditions, the following applies to this course: if fewer than four people register for the course, the Berlitz Center can postpone the course until a later date.

Flash lesson

From Monday to Friday you will receive a daily learning news e-mail with short motivating learning tips and exercises. These may cover a grammar rule or a new idiomatic expression, plus you will receive a language tip to help you avoid typical mistakes. These learning tips are intended to provide additional learning incentives for your language training.


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