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Blended Learning - CyberTeachers + Phone Lessons

Language Center

Berlitz Language Center MBL Location Germany
virtueller Standort fuer Website
60528 Frankfurt

Email: Get in contact

Telephone support Mon – Fri from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Course configuration

Blended Learning:
CyberTeachers and Telephone Lessons

Learning Languages via Telephone Lessons and online platform

The combination of telephone instruction with an unlimited license for CyberTeachers enables you to learn a new language even more effectively and with faster results.


  • Participation in live instruction is possible at any location with a phone connection
  • Intensive and personalized lessons
  • Simulations of work situations
  • A wide range of useful tools like writing assistants, translators, dictionary and vocabulary optimizer
  • Language training via web browser - software installation is not needed
  • Suitable for every language level

Languages offered:

German, English, Spanish, French and Italian

The Features

Personalized Program Content

Tailor-made classroom units. Training material is selected from over 600 professional situations and 218 job profiles, based on the Audit results.

Learning News
Your personalized newspaper! Articles from the press tailor-made by the learner, plus videos, ads, learning games and more.

Learning Report
A personalized summary! In order to consolidate the work done, the teacher sends a report detailing the points covered at the end of each lesson. These reports also contain feedback on errors made during the lesson and suggestions for extra practice before the next class.

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