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Corporate Services

It's good to know someone's there for you

For your training to achieve maximum effectiveness and the greatest possible success, a full range of support services is essential. Berlitz Corporate Services gives you just that: outstanding support throughout your training, from the preparation stage through to the post-course review.

Advice and support is always available locally, thanks to our Corporate Consultant team across the whole of Germany.

The Training Process
Once we have assessed your current situation, we manage your training systematically, focusing on goals, timelines, and optimal processes.

Modular Course Design
The three areas of language training, intercultural training, and management training are broken down into a wide variety of modules that can be mixed and matched to meet your specific needs and objectives.

Custom-made Training Programs
Your company's specific needs and requests are incorporated into the design of your training programs.

Customer Sites
Keep track of your training programs - quickly, easily, and online.

Training Evaluation System
Manage all aspects of your training and development programs, from the planning stage through to implementation and evaluation.

You can have confidence in the excellent quality of these services, thanks not only to our many years of experience working with companies in Germany and around the world, but also knowing that Berlitz quality management has been independently certified to ES ISO 9001 standard.

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