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Berlitz Seminare

Business Seminars

The skills for the job

Berlitz Business Seminars offer a huge range of courses with a practical and relevant approach to around 60 topics from many different industries - for career starters, middle managers and top executives. A popular option is to combine these seminars with a foreign language.


  • Intercultural Communication
  • International Management
  • Leadership and Strategy
  • Sales and Customer Management
  • Project Management and Work Techniques
  • Communication

Berlitz Seminars are offered as:

  • In-company training: on your own premises and exclusive to your own staff
  • Shorties: mini-seminar format with 4 hours of training
  • Online Live Seminars

If you are interested in a targeted training course from the range of Berlitz Seminars, ask here or order your personal Seminar Catalog.

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