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Berlitz Language Center Dortmund

Business language course for all european languages supported by the Feredal Employment Agency

Start your intensive language course!

Increase your chances on the job market. In many cases you can receive financial support from public agencies such as the Agentur für Arbeit.

Live-instruction (No computer lessons) in a part time individual course with teachers who are native speakers.

This ensures a very high percentage of student speaking time which helps you to develop a natural feel for the foreign language and decreases any speaking inhibitions you may have in a very short time.

Through the Berlitz Method you will gain knowledge in the most important skills needed for presentations, e-mails and business writing, telephoning, job interviews, meetings, negotiations, business small talk, marketing, sales, reporting, staff supervision and customer satisfaction.


View our available courses here:  Governmental supported Individual Instruction

Schedule an appointment for a free personal consultation, that is without any obligation, in order to get information on possible starting dates and talk to your contact person in the Job Center or Agentur für Arbeit.

You can reach us at 0231 13 85 060 or dortmund@berlitz.de.

Berlitz has been helping the world communicate for over 130 years – Let us help you too!

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