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Berlitz Language Center Dortmund

Individual Instruction Happy Hour - Being the sole focus of your instuctor is simply wonderful

Whenever it is a question of achieving your language aims as quickly as possible, Berlitz individual instruction offers customised solutions. Together with your study adviser you determine the content, learning speed and course times - to suit your schedule and professional needs.

Individual Instruction Happy Hour stands for especially good-value sessions held at select times. Take your class during a specific window and enjoy a discount on the regular price.

The benefits:

  • Possible in all living languages
  • Individual timetable
  • Very high student speaking time 
  • Rapid learning success
  • High degree of customisation!

On request, course content and learning aims are fully adapted to suit your individual requirements while incorporating your own case studies, specialist terminology and specialised course materials.

Call now to schedule an appointment for your personal free consultation:

You can reach us at 0231-13 85 060 or at dortmund@berlitz.de .

Berlitz has been successful in making the world speak with confidence since more than 130 years - so speak with confidence with us!

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