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Berlitz Language Center Essen

Integration courses

People staying permanently in Germany and
having few or no German language skills learn to
communicate in German in everyday situations.
Upon completion of the language course, an
orientation course provides an initial overview of
German politics and democracy, recent history,
society, and everyday culture, as well as the
fundamental values of German society.
The Integration Course ends with the DTZ Exam
(German Test for Immigrants) at levels A2/B1, in
accordance with the Common European Framework.

• An oral and written placement is carried out in
accordance with the guidelines of the Federal
Offi ce for Migration and Refugees (BAMF)
• Certificate of Entitlement from the Aliens Office
(Ausländerbehörde), Federal Employment Agency,
the Federal Offi ce for Migration and Refugees –
or for repatriates: from the Federal Office for

Course fees
• Free participation if obligated to attend by the
Employment Offi ce
• Free participation is possible for recipients of the
unemployment benefi t ALG II
• € 1.95 per lesson for participants with entitlement
or obligation from the Aliens Offi ce
• € 3.90 per lesson for students paying for themselves


Consultation, Placement and Registration
• On Tuesday, from 1 to 3 pm
• On Friday, from 9 to 11 am

Ms Linda Waldner
Tel: 0201 634 609 15



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