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Language Course for Kids and Teens

Kids & Teens Individual Instruction

Intensive language lessons with the personal touch

Learning a foreign language opens doors to people from other cultures. Nowadays, kids can quickly pick up a new language at an early age. Yet there are times in a young person's life when more intensive coaching in the foreign language is required, for example when preparing for an examination (e.g. the TOEFL test), a student exchange or a family's move abroad, or simply to pursue their personal interest in a language.

In order to make the learning experience as relaxed as possible for the kids or teens, our trained native-speaker instructors gauge their current level and continue individual instruction in line with their age, their previous knowledge of the language and the desired lesson intensity. This guarantees enjoyable and motivating lessons.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Intensive individual language instruction
  • Age-appropriate topics and lesson materials
  • Fast and effective learning based on the proven Berlitz Method: thinking and speaking in the target language from day one
  • Qualified native speakers as instructors
  • Complete flexibility regarding timetable and duration of course
  • Ideal preparation for or supplement to language lessons in school


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