Comics & Pop-Art

The trainers for this program are very familiar with comics, cartooning, street art, etc. Using well-known models such as Batman, Asterix, Spider-Man, Inuyasha and Detective Conan, participants create their own action heroes and design their own comic or cartoon. Or else you can learn drawing and painting techniques or street art and make your own artist's portfolio, a black book or design your own tag.

With their imaginations fired up and their paper and clay heroes brought to life, it's time for the participants themselves to enjoy some action with sports like four square, quidditch and broom hockey on the agenda. Evening events return to the creative theme with activities such as the Superhero Fashion School, a Comics and Pop Art Convention or a fantasy film night.

This program is available at the following locations:

  • Burg Hohnstein
  • Naumburg an der Saale
  • Olpe