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Berlitz Virtual Classroom

Premium face-to-face instruction in a virtual learning environment

The Berlitz Virtual Classroom makes live language instruction with an experienced, native-speaker Berlitz instructor possible – anywhere in the world. The internet lets your teacher come to you, wherever you are. All you need for your tailored, real-time training program is a computer, smartphone, or tablet with internet access and a headset

NEW! Personalize your learning experience even more with our Learning Path Generator.

Our new tool allows you to work with your Berlitz advisor to define topics and create a personal learning path that matches your individual requirements and learning goals.


  • Personalized language instruction wherever you want it 
  • Can be booked as individual, group, or corporate course in 40+ languages 
  • Tried-and-tested, excellent teaching quality from Berlitz 
  • Maximal engagement of all course participants 
  • State-of-the-art technology fosters interaction and motivation 
  • Online practice area with numerous additional exercises before and after the live language instruction 
  • Personal learning path with specialized content 
  • Virtual tools and lesson recordings for preparation and follow-up

Choose from 3 options for your learning success

Virtual Intensiv Group
Group lessons take place at fixed times in a group of 3-5 participants

Virtual Individual Instruction
Flexible live instruction with your personal language instructor

Virtual Corporate Training
Indvidual instruction for your employees - anywhere in the world

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