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Appointment allocation:
Oral assessment of your language skills



Welcome to Berlitz!

In preparation for a language training organized with your company, we would like to assess your current language skills corresponding to the Common European Framework (CEF).

The assessment will be conducted in a telephone interview, held in the target language.

The selection of training programs, materials and/ or the creation of groups is based on the Berlitz Level.

Our oral placement interview will be conducted via phone. The procedure is as follows:

  1. The interview will take approximately 15 minutes.
  2. Due to our Berlitz method focuses on the active speaking skills, the interview will be conducted in the target language.
  3. The interviewer will ask some general and occupational questions. Please answer these questions in full and complete sentences. (not only „ja“/ „nein“)
  4. If you don´t understand a question – ask for further explanation. But please ask as far as possible in the target language
  5. At the end of the interview we know you previous knowledge/ Berlitz level and will organize further steps.

Please reserve an appointment for this. A Berlitz employee will contact you by phone at the agreed time.

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I am here for you.

Johanna Malkowsky
Center Coordinator