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Berlitz Happy Hour - It's nice to have a teacher for yourself

Berlitz individual instruction is the best solution when you would like to reach your personal goals as fast as possible. You define your learning content, learning goals and pacing together with your study advisor just the way you wish; that way your learning adjusts to your time constraints and your proffessional career.

Berlitz Happy Hour has an excellent value for the money: take your lessons within a certain time frame (12:00-15:30) and save about 15% to regular individual instruction.

Advantages of the program:

  • individualised schedule
  • very high speaking portion
  • very fast learning progress


Customized learning content:

The learning content can be individualized according to your personal interests: general language, business language as well as branch-specific content can be chosen.

Schedule your free and personal consultation as well as placement today!

02102 - 135290 or ratingen@berlitz.de

Berlitz has helped the world to communicate for 140 years - let us help you now!

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