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Qualification Euro-Trucker

Euro-Trucker Qualification

Six-month qualification program that will get you places.

Haulage firms have a huge demand for professional drivers. According to Germany’s SVG road transport association, hauliers across the country need to recruit 30,000 new drivers every year. The SVG and training provider Berlitz have developed a “Euro-Trucker” qualification as a quick route for migrants to start earning a living as a professional driver.

The six-month course will initially be offered in Hamburg, Bremen and Cologne. Further qualification courses are planned for Stuttgart and Koblenz. “At the beginning, the migrants attending the Berlitz course will focus on the technical vocabulary used in the trucking industry,” explains Rainer Ziegeler, Manager Governmental Business. They will then move on to practical training, after which they will take an examination run by the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce and obtain their truck driver’s license. This integration measure is being supported by training vouchers from the Federal Labor Office. Passing the examination opens the door to a career as a long-distance truck driver, Ziegeler affirms.

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