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German Integration Courses

German Integration Courses

Get a closer understanding of language and culture.

It’s only when you understand the German language and culture that you can play an active role in everyday life. Berlitz makes this important step towards integration easy for you.

What courses are available?

As a provider of integration courses, recognized by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, not only do we advise you for free and with no obligation, but we also deliver the appropriate courses:

  • Integration courses for adults and young people (Focus: Communication in German) 
  • Orientation courses (Focus: German society and politics) 
  • Courses for parents and courses for women 
  • Literacy courses 

Who are the courses aimed at?

  • Migrants 
  • Resettlers 
  • Germans with migration background 
  • EU citizens 

How does it work?

You require a qualification certificate (“Berechtigungsschein”) from the Foreigners Office, the Job Center, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees or from the Federal Refugees Office (for resettlers). You don't yet have a qualification certificate? We'll take care of the application for you!

As Integration Course offers differ from centre to centre, we recommend contacting your local centre directly, by email or phone, for upcoming course start dates. 

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