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Berlitz Proficiency Test

Berlitz Test of Listening and Reading

Proficiency Tests generally are designed to measure objectively the students' language competency, not connected to the person's learning history or language program content.

The Berlitz Tests of Listening and Reading Skills are designed as low cost & ‘medium stakes' proficiency tests (i.e. not including a direct measurement of speaking skills). The tests can also be offered to customers who are not interested in language training but only testing of their language skills, e.g. employees who need to show evidence of their language proficiency to their employer, or prospective employer. It is also accepted by many universities as proof of your CEFR level.

Berlitz Test of Listening and Reading Skills is a multi-choice test and contains of 86 questions. It will take approximately 100-120 minutes to complete.

Tested languages: English, French, Italian, German & Spanish

If you would like to get some more information or book an appointment for your test, please contact us directly at 0202 44 76 10 or Wuppertal@berlitz.de

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